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Contribute to the Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus

Donations to our General Fund help defray a variety of expenses. We pay annually for venue rentals, purchase of music for each season, contracting with local musicians who accompany us at our concerts, memberships in choral organizations that we support and that support us, like the American Choral Directors Association, and educational activities for our directors and singers, including events like an annual chorus retreat, a two day fall educational workshop for all singers to kick off our season.

Chorus members attend retreats at the beginning of each season. Retreats are held at the Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell, were we break into small groups and start to learn both the language and music in the most difficult pieces added to our repertoire each year. Included in the retreat are educational activities that help us learn more about the meaning of songs that we are performing and educates us about cultures different from our own. And by renting space at the Center, we are able to support a local resource that brings its own value to our community.

The Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are deductible based on tax laws. We have been able to sustain ourselves by staying an all-volunteer organization. We have 3 paid staff, our Artistic Direction, Assistant Director and accompanist, but as the organization grows, our goals are to perhaps to fund a bookkeeper and one staff person to take on some of the administrative and fundraising activities currently handled by our director and board members.

All donations via the Internet are processed through Q-Giv. Donations are also accepted at each GRWC event, or by mail anytime. We value and need the continued financial support of our audience.

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Memorial Fund

The Chorus has a Memorial Fund that was created for the purpose of commissioning new works for GRWC that are then made available to other women’s choruses. When a tax-deductible donation is made in honor of a loved one, that person’s name is added to the Memorial Listing and recognized in our spring concert program.

Our donation envelopes and the on-line donation page both have a place for a name so that anyone can be honored as part of a donation. These names will be added to listings in our spring concert program. We sincerely thank you for your financial support.

Friends & Family Honored

  • Betty Ladd Andre
  • Michele Applebaum
  • Janet McGowan Atton
  • Amy Bailey Barnes
  • Robert Beatty
  • Edith Beatty
  • Marie Claude Belzile
  • The Honorable Harold H. Bobier
  • Mary Jane Bobier
  • Sue Brown
  • Rebecca Scollon Butts
  • Jan Calkins
  • Chuck Calkins
  • Marge Carlson
  • Claudia Chittenden
  • Robert Cleland
  • Barbara Cleland
  • Janine Crampton
  • Rockney Crampton
  • Cordell Crampton
  • Roderick Crampton
  • John P. Crampton
  • Anna M. Crampton
  • Patricia Ann Cusick
  • James Cusick
  • Irene Dalcher
  • Andrea Joseph Dimuzio
  • Karyl D. Eaglefeathers
  • Paul Geis
  • Dorothy Geis
  • Louise May Gilmer
  • Henry Gorkowski
  • Judith Gorkowski
  • Joan E. Puccini Greear
  • Dorothy Henes
  • Iris Henwood
  • Catherine Carey Hobart
  • Lynne Homeyer
  • Sara Homeyer
  • Robert W. Howe
  • Robert Kohn
  • Janet Kohn
  • Gayleen Leonard
  • Mary Ann Michmershuizen
  • Robert J. Miller
  • Robert L. Miller, Jr.
  • Hamilton Reed Mimms
  • Veraine Muniz
  • Amy Oak
  • Fred W. Olsen
  • Louise Perrine
  • Judith Piazza
  • Karen Pojeski
  • Suzanne Rudesill
  • Horatio Salinas
  • Candelora Scalza
  • Fiorentino Scalza
  • Mary Elizabeth South
  • Joyse Stevens
  • Shirley Tennenhouse
  • Joe Tennenhouse
  • Janet Thering
  • Martha Thomas
  • Clarence E. Thompson
  • Maxine Thompson
  • Maria VanderEyk
  • Cornelius VanderEyk
  • Martha VanderEyk
  • Sherm VerPlank
  • Laraine VerPlank
  • Margaret E. White
  • Rocetha Winter
  • Eugene Winter
  • Grayson David Wolf

Pets Honored

  • Cosmo
  • Daly
  • Piers
  • Piper