Repertoire List

Since 1996, the Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus has performed almost three hundred different pieces. You can find details on our repertoire below. Click here to see our commissioned pieces.

Title Composer Arranger Publisher Voicing Performed Accompaniment
1000 Grandmothers Holly Near J. David Moore ssaa 2013-14
A Beautiful Noise Jocelyn Scofield Universal Music Corp SSAA 2023-2024 Piano
A Book of Spells: I, IV, V Libby Larsen (text: Z.E. Budapest) 2011-12
A Change is Gonna Come Sam Robson Sam Robson ST Robson SSAA 2022-2023 bass guitar
A Lot of Looking To Do Sue Johnson Rosalind Price SSAA 2017-2018
a cappella
Ach, Synku Synku  trad. Czech Donald Patriquin SSAA 2014-15 piano, clarinet, cello
Adeimus 2004-05 12-4-04 concert
Adonai Roi (the 23rd Psalm) Gerald Cohen 2011-12
Ain’t No Windin’ in the Road Gilpin SSAA 2014-15 accapella
Ain’t That a Kick in the Head Jimmy VanHeusen, Sammy Cahn Ryan O’Connell 2012-13 Lady Oak
All The Things You Are Oscar Hammerstein II, Jerome Kern Kirby Shaw Hal-Leonard SSAA 2021-2022 a cappella
Always Keep This Close Zachary Moore 2016-17
Amabhongo Mayhotella Queens Lori Tennenhouse 1999-00
Amor de mi Alma Stroope, Z. Randall Stroope, Z. Randall SSAA 2006-07 piano
And I Can Sing text by James Weldon Johnson J.D. Frizzell SSAA 2017-18
And So It Goes Billy Joel Bob Chilcott 2007-08
Ani Ma/amin John Leavitt 2016-17
Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In Rado, Ragni, and MacDermott Greg Gilpin SSA 2009-10 lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, bass
Arirang Korean Folk Song Shin-Hwa Park SSA 1999-00 a cappella
Arise My Love Joan Szymko Joan Szymko Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc SA 2019-20 Piano
Armor Sara Bareilles Audrey Snyder Tiny Bear Music SSA 2022-2023 Piano
Artsah Alinu Israeli folk song Schwadron, A. SSAA a cappella
Ash Grove, The Welsh folk song Spevacek, Linda Steen SSA/solo 1998-99 flute, piano
Asikatali S. African freedom song unknown SSA 1998-99 a cappella
Asimbonanga S African folk song Mark Webb 2013-14 soloists
Babethandaza Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwell 2000-01 drum
Ban, Ban, Caliban Dan Forrest, Text by Wm Shakespeare Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc SSAA 2019-20 Piano, Percussion
Banjo Pickin’ Girl Appalachian Folk Song Tim Stark and Andrea Ramsey SSAA 2017-18 Banjo, bass
Barso Re A.H. Rahman Ethan Sperry SSAA 2018-19 Drum, dancers
Bashanah Haba’ah Hirsh, Nurit Leck, Henry SSAA 2001-02 piano
Beau Soir Debussy Spavecek SSAA 2004-05 piano
Beauty is Before Me text from ancient Navaho origins Penny Blake SSAA 2017-18
Beauty of my dreams Szymko, Joan Santa Barbara Music Publishing 2007-08 piano
Black Fly Song Wade Hemsworth Earle Peach Cypress Choral Music SSA 2022-2023 Piano
Bluebell Beach, Mrs. H.H.A. Beach, Mrs. H.H.A. SSAA 1998-99 a cappella
Bohemian Rhapsody Mercury, Freddie Bryme SSAA 2003-04
bass, drum, guitar, piano
Bones, Be Good! Gwyneth Walker 2010-11 string quartet
Brave Kerry Marsh 2016-17 accapella
Breaths Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwell, Ysaye Musical Source SSAA 2000-01 a cappella
Bring Me Little Water, Silvy Huddie Ledbetter Moira Smiley 2011-12
Bumble Bee Anders Endenroth 2010-11
By Night Elaine Hagenberg, poem Harriet Prescott Spofford Elaine Hagenberg Music SSAA 2022-2023 Piano with optional violin, cello and percussion
Caffeine Overload Polka Eric Lane Barnes 2012-13
Can’t Carry These Burdens Alone Michael Barrett 2016-17
Canticle to the Spirit Eleanor Daley, text by Hildegard von Bingen 2009-10
Chain Of Fools Don Covay Greg Gilpin 2010-11 guitar, percussion
Chanson d’Amour French “Song of Love” Gabriel Faure, words by Paul-Armand Silvestre 2009-10 piano
Chapo Pou Fanm Synday Guillaume (Charis) 2016-17 a cappella
Cherish Your Doubt Alexander, Elizabeth Seafarer Press 2007-08 piano
Choir Pat Humphries Steve Milloy SSAA 2018-19 drums, guitar, bass guitar
Chorale Ketchakhmadze, Josif Ketchakhmadze, Josif SSAA a cappella
Citoyen 120 Dalne, Marie Tennenhouse, Lori SSAA/solo 1998-99 a cappella
Colors Helms, Marjan 2015-16
Come Drink Deep McDade, Carolyn McDade, Carolyn
Come to Me, Mother Jill Gallina SSAA 2003-04 piano
Con Te Partiro Santori, Quarantotto, and Peterson Huff 2009-10 soloists
Coo-Coo Bird Alice Parker 2017-18
Crimson,Ivory, Aquamarine 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Criome mi Madre Francisco Nunez SA 2014-15 classical guitar
Crossing the Bar Gwynneth Walker, poem by Alfred Tennyson E. C. Schirmer SSAA 2023-2024 Piano – or chamber orchestra
Crowded Table Natalie Hemby, Lori McKenna, and Brandi Carlile Andrea Ramsey Hal-Leonard SSAA 2023-2024 Piano, optional fiddle
Da Pacem Ollson, Hakar Ollson, Hakar SSAA 2004-05 a cappella, small ensemble
Dandelion Helms, Marjan SSAA Piano
Dante’s Prayer McKennitt, Loreena Rekker, Joyce SSAA/duet 1998-99 cello, piano
Days of Beauty Ola Gjeilo, poem by Emily Bronte Walton Music SSAA 2019-20 Piano
Dear Mr President Alecia Moore and Billy Mann SSA 2018-19 Guitar
Deer Song Michael Dennis Browne and Craig Hella Johnson Craig Hella Johnson (from Considering Matthew Shepard) Booker Music treble voices with sop solo 2022-2023 Piano
Dirait-on Lauridsen, Morten Johannes Lauridsen, Morten Johannes SATB 1998-99 piano
Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing Stevie Wonder Roger Emerson Hal-Leonard SSA 2021-2022 Piano, egg shaker
Dona Nobis Pacem SSAA 2001-02 a cappella, small ensemble
Down in the River to Pray Elena Sharkova Jace Wittig National Music Publishers SSAA 2019-20 Body Percussion
Dream 2008-09 small ensemble
Dream Land Kevin A. Memley, poem by Christina Rossetti Pavane Publishing SSAA 2019-20 Piano
Dubula traditional Xhosa Folk Stephen Hatfield 2012-13 percussion
Duonde Akuru Dilworth, Rollo SSAA 2003-04 bass, djembe, flute, piano
Dwa Serduska 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Eagle Rounding Out the Morning Joan Szymko 2011-12
2012-13, 2015-16
Earthbeat Vandervelde, Janika; Leslie Kohn Vandervelde SSAA 2002-03 drum
Echo Eleanor Daley 2011-12
El Cumbanchero Rafael Hernandez Craig York Peer International Corp SSAA 2019-20
Optional Piano
El Mambi Cuban Criolla; Luis Casas Romero and Sergio Lavilla Carlos R. Abril 2004-05 bass, solo
El Vito Jenson SSAA 2014-15 piano
Eleven Limericks Diemer, Emma Lou SSAA 2003-04 a cappella, small ensemble
Eli Eli poetry by Hannah Senesh, music by Zahavi Navy, Caryn SSAA 1996-97
a cappella
Ella’s Song Reagon, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bernice Johnson 2006-07
Embraceable You Gershwin Shaw, Kirby SSAA 2004-05 a cappella, small ensemble
Endangered Species Steve Milloy 2016-17
Esto les Digo Lange, Kinsey 2007-08
Fair Warning McRae, Shirley SSAA 2004-05 piano
Fire Katerina Gimon Katerina Gimon Cypress Choral Music SSAA 2022-2023 body percussion, optional drum
Fired Up! Holly Near SSAA 2017-18 Piano
Firefly Song Ramish, Imant SSAA 2006-07 small ensemble, difficult
Flight Song Kim Arnesen SSAA 2017-18 Piano
From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hafez Abbie Betinis ssaa 2013-14 viola, soloists
Ga Da Mei Lin Chinese Mountain Song Chen Yi SSAA 2004-05 a cappella
Gabi Gabi S. African freedom song Leck, Henry SSAA 1998-99 a cappella
Gamba Adisa (She Who Makes Her Meaning Clear) Szymko, Joan, words by Audre Lorde 2010-11 percussion
Gate Gate Tate, Brian Tate, Brian SSAA 2007-08 piano
Gently (Walk on the Earth) Tate, Brian SSAA 2016-17 drum, piano
Gnothi Safton Jim Papoulis 2016-17
Going Over Home trad. Spiritual Poorman, Sonya 2006-07 piano, small ensemble
Grandpa’s Banjo 2008-09 small ensemble
Great Spirit Native American text,Ivo Antogini 2010-11
Greed Reagon, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bernice Johnson SSAA 2006-07 a cappella
Groovin’ Kirby Shaw SSAA 2014-15 accapella
Guzophela Zap Mama Lori Tennenhouse SSAA 1996-97
a cappella
Hallelujah Leonard Cohen 2009-10 soloists
Happy Together Garry Bonner, Alan Gordon Ken Berg ssaa 2013-14
Harriet Tubman Walter Robinson Kathleen McGuire SSAA 2017-18
Hay Una Mujer Holly Near SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Here’s Where I stand Gilpin SSAA 2014-15 piano
Heroes Reed, Ann Ruth, Anita & Ann Reed SSAA 1998-99 guitar, piano
Hine Ma Tov Traditional Israeli folk song Madrigia 2010-11 accordion,clarinet, percussion
Hoj, Hura, Hoj trad. Czech Macha, Otmar Hal-Leonard SSAA 2005-06
a cappella
Hold the Light  Dilworth SSA 2014-15 piano
Hope is the Thing with Feathers Kenney Potter, text by Emily Dickinson Kenney Potter SSAA 2018-19 a cappella
Hope There is McCLean, Clare McCLean, Clare SSAA 2007-08 a cappella
Hotaru Koi Japanese Folk Song Libana 1999-00
How Deep is the Ocean Berlin, Irvin Eckert SSAA 2014-15 Lady Oak
I Ain’t Afraid Near, Holly Near, Holly SSAA 2002-03 piano
I AM Jocelyn Scofield Jocelyn Scofield Jocelyn Scofield SSAA 2023-2024 a cappella
I Am Speaking To You poetry by children of former Yugoslavia Robert Jager 1999-00
I Am The Wind Elaine Hagenberg, lyrics Zoe Atkins Elaine Hagenberg Music SSAA 2023-2024 Piano
I Am Willing Holly Near Steve Milloys 2009-10 solo
I Dream a World Szymko Santa Barbara Music Publishing 2007-08
I Dreamed of Rain 2012-13
I Got Rhythm George & Ira Gershwin Mark Webb 2011-12 small ensemble
I Got the Sun in the Morning Irving Berlin Kirby Shaw Irving Berlin Music Co SSA 2019-20 Piano
I Shall Keep Singing Brian Holmes, poem by Emily Dickinson Thorpe Music Publishing Co SSAA 2019-20 Harp or Piano
I Sing Out Hayes SSAA 2014-15 piano
I Will Be Earth Walker, Gwyneth SSA 2006-07 piano
I Will Be There to See SSAA 2006-07 a cappella
I’m Gon’ Stand Reagon, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bernice Johnson SSAA 1997-98 a cappella
If Ever I Would Leave You 2009-10 small ensemble 5/22/2010
If I Give Your Name Humphries Leora Zimmer ssaa 2014-15 piano, guitar
In Remembrance Daley, Eleanor Daley, Eleanor SSAA 1998-99 piano
In the Gloaming trad Celtic Tennenhouse, Lori SSAA 1997-98 chorus, duet, piano, quartet
In the Stillness Gray, Cynthia Gray, Cynthia SSA 1998-99 piano
In This Very Room Ron and Carol Harris 2016-17 piano
Indian Prayer Emerson, Roger Emerson, Roger SAB 2004-05 drum, piano
Iraqi Peace Song trad.Iraqi,Riersrud, Knut Eng. Song Tennenhouse, Lori SSA 2006-07 dumbek, piano
It Takes a Village Szymko, Joan Szymko, Joan SSAA 2001-03 drum
It Takes a Village to Raise a Child Bray, Julie Gardner SSAA 2004-05 piano
J’entends le Moulin French provincial song Patriquin, Donald SSAA 2003-04
piano, percussion
Jack’s Valentine Larsen, Libby SSAA 2003-04 a cappella
Java Jive Manhattan Transfer Kirby Shaw 2007-08 small ensemble
Joan Glover unknown unknown one voice/round a cappella
JOY Michael Pollack and Andy Grammer Anita Cracauer Alfred Music – Warner-Tamerlane SSA 2023-2024 Piano
Juntos Papoulis SSA 2014-15 piano, drum
Kala Kalla 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Kalinka Russian Folk Song V. Prokhorov 1999-00
Kas Tie Tadi Latvian folk song Sametz, Steven SSAA 1998-99 piano
Kde Su Kravy Moje Slovakian folk song H. A. Schimmerling SSAA 2003-04 a cappella
Keep Yo Lamps African American Spiritual Rosephanye Powell 2011-12 percussion
Kin to Sorrow Stephen Paulus SSAA
Kiss, The Susan Windle, Andrea Clearfield 2012-13 small ensemble
Kur Tu Biji Balelini Selga Mence 2016-17 piano
Kwaheri trad. Kenyan song Libana 1999-00
La Cucaracha trad Mexican Grau, Albert SSAA 2004-05 clappers
La Lucina 2004-05 12-4-04 concert
La Luna Z. Randall Stroope 2015-16
Lake Isle of Innisfree Daley, Eleanor Daley, Eleanor SSAA 2006-07 piano
Lambscapes Barnes, Eric Lane 2007-08
Largo/Goin Home (from Song of Survival, Vol.1) Dvorak, A. Dryburgh, Margaret & Norah Chambers SSAA 2002-03 a cappella
Las Amarillas Hatfield, Stephen SSAA 2001-02 a cappella
Laula Voim Trad. Estonian D. Skydell SSA 2001-02 a cappella
Let the River Run Simon, Carly Moore, J. David SAA 1997-98 bass, drum, piano
Lift Every Voice James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson Craig Courtney Lorenz SSAA 2019-20 Paino
Light in the Hallway Mitchell Grassi, Scott Hoying and Audra Mae Roger Emerson Hal-Leonard SSA 2021-2022 piano, opt a capella
Light of a Clear Blue Morning Dolly Parton Craig Hella Johnson SSAA 2017-18
Listen to the Piper Daniels, M.L. Daniels, M.L. SAA 2000-01 a cappella, flute, small ensemble
Loch Lomond Scottish folk song Anne-Marie Hildebrandt 2014-15
Long Overdue Andrea Ramsey Andrea Ramsey Andrea Ramsey SSAA 2020-2021
Piano with opt. Djembe
Love’s Onward Journey Kim Andre Arnesen 2016-17
Lullaby of Birdland George David Weiss, George Shearing Joy Hirokawa ssaa 2013-14 small ensemble
Ma Navu Spivak, Jennifer Wolfman, Barbara SSAA 2003-04 piano
Madre Dea Tori Morrill and Lizzy Derecktor Tori Morrill and Lizzy Derecktor Inanna SSA 2018-19
Mahk Jchi Trad. Tuscaroran Ulali SSAA 1998-99
Make Them Hear You arr. Mark Hayes SSAA 2016-17 piano
Makedonska Humoreska Skalovski 2016-17
Makedonska Humoreska Todor Skalovski, edited by Kathleen Rodde SSAA 2017-18
Makom Shelibi Oheyv Sher, Leon Sher, Leon SSAA 1996-97 piano
Mama (from “Sophie’s Sisters”) Helms, Marjan Helms, Marjan SSAA 2000-01
Marie Madeleine Trad. Acadian Jeanette Gallant Oxford University Press SSAA 2021-2022 Body percussion, spoons
Mata del Anime Sola (Tree of the Lonely Soul) Estevez, Antonio Estevez, Antonio SSAA 2007-08
May It Be Eithne Ni Braonin Enya Ryan & Ryan SSAA 2002-03 piano
Memorial 1 Barnwell, Ysaye M. SSAA 2004-05 a cappella
Mi Yitneni Of Snyder, Audrey Snyder, Audrey 2007-08 clarinet, piano, violin
Midsummer Eleanor Daley 2010-11 small ensemble
Miniatures of Kin Cunningham and Bray SSAA 2003-04 piano
Miracle Benjamin, Diane SSAA 2005-06 cello, piano
Miss Celie’s Blues Jones, Temperton, Richie Moore, J. David SSAA 2000-2001
piano, trumpet
Misty Johnny Burke, Erroll Garner Robinson, Russ 2010-11 small ensemble
Mohlang Ke Kgotleleng Hae S African folksong Rudolf deBeer 2011-12 percussion
Mountain Song Near, Holly Moore, J. David SSAA 2001-02
Mowtay trad. Native American unknown piano
Muusika Juhan Liiv Part Uusberg SSAA 2018-19 a cappella
My Love is a Garden Enclosed Anderson, Judith Anderson, Judith SSA a cappella
My Love Walks in Velvet Walker, Gwyneth Walker, Gwyneth SSAA 2004-05 piano
My Love Walks in Velvet Gwyneth Walker 2010-11 small ensemble
Nella Fantasia Morricone/Snyder Morricone/Snyder SSAA 2007-08 piano
Never One Thing May Erlewine Corie Brown Hal Leonard SSA 2019-20 Cajon and Piano
Niska Banja Gyspy folk Page, Nick SSAA 2004-05 two pianos
No Fairy Tale Here Zanaida Robles, lyrics Robyn Watson Zanaida Robles SSA 2023-2024 Piano, percussion (with Djembe)
No Mirrors in My Nana’s House Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwll, Ysaye The Musical Source SSAA 2002-03 a cappella
No Time Brumfield SSAA 2014-15
Noche de Lluvia Spanish “Rainy Night” Sid Rabinovitch, text by Juana de Ibarbourou 2009-10
Nomthini (Six African Songs) 2001-02 4-27-02 concert
Nous Sommes Desoles Mitchell, Melanie Mitchell SSAA 2006-07 bass, piano
Ntylo-ntylo/Nomthini (Six African Songs) trad. Zulu Ronnie Karamopov 2002-03 djembe
O Love Elaine Hagenbert Elaine Hagenberg Beckenhorst Press Inc SSAA 2022-2023 Piano, opt cello
Ode to Women Benedetti, Josefina Benedetti, Josefina SSAA 2005-06 a cappella
On Children Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwell, Y. SSAA 1997-98 a cappella
One Voice Ruth Moody 2012-13
Ooh Whee, the Carnival Don Grusin, Pattie Austin 2011-12 electric guitar, bass, djembe
Oseh Shalom Traditional Hebrew Adam Paltrowitz SSAA 2017-18
Parting Glass Wailin ‘Jennys 2016-17
Peace Benjamin, Diane Benjamin, Diane Wounded Healers SSAA 2000-2002
piano, string quartet
Peace of the Wild Things, The Szymko, Joan SSAA 2006-07
Pinebo McEllwaine, Ellen one voice/round 1998-99 drum
Please Stay Jake Runestadt Jake Runestad SSAA 2018-19
Poet Sings LeGaulienne, Richard Z. Randall Stroope 2006-07 piano
Polegnala e Tudora Bulgarian folk song unknown SSA a cappella
Prayer of the Children Bestor, Kurt Klouse, Andrea SSAA 2001-02
a cappella
Prelude Song of Survival Chopin, Fr Dryburgh, Margaret
& Norah Chambers
SSAA 1997-98 a cappella
Psalm 23 McFerrin, Bobby Moore, J. David SSAA 1996-97 a cappella
Put Vejini Bulgarian folk song Jurjans, Harm. A. SSAA 1997-98 a cappella
Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin SSAA 2018-19 piano, bass guitar, drums
Rainsong Helms, Marjan Helms, Marjan SSAA 2000-01
two pianos
Red, Red Rose, A Ruth Elaine Schram, words adapted from a poem by Robert Burns 2003-04
Reflections from Yad Vashem Daniel J Hall ssaa 2013-14 viola, harp
Refuge Larsen, Libby Larsen, Libby SSAA 1998-99
a cappella
Remembering Benjamin, Diane Yelton Rhodes Music 1999-00
a cappella
Respect Redding, Otis Emerson, Roger 2003-04
Richer For Her Andrea Ramsey, poem by Charlotte Tall Mountain MusicSpoke SSA 2023-2024 Piano and Cello
Rise Up Jake Runestad, words by Susan B. Anthony SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Ritmo Dan Davison 2012-13
River Joan Szymko Joan Szymko SSAA 2017-18 Piano
Road Home, The 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Rock-A-Bye Baby Michele Weir ssaa 2013-14 small ensemble
Rock-A-Bye Baby Vocal Jazz Series Michele Weir Hal-Leonard SSAA 2022-2023 a cappella
Room at the Table Carrie Newcomer Julie Spangler SSAA 2018-19 drums, bass
Rosa Sat Amy Kohler-Dixon 2009-10
Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen Trad. Yiddish lullabye Fink, Sue SSA 1997-98 piano
Sakura Sakura 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Salmon Run Helms, Marjan Helms, Marjan 2007-08
Sansa Kroma Sandler, Felice Sandler, Felice SSAA 2004-05 percussion
Satamasho traditional Georgian folk text Otar Taktakishvilli 2012-13
Say a Prayer 2008-09 small ensemble
Scarborough Fair Stephen Smith ssaa 2013-14
Scars to Your Beautiful Alessia Caracciolo, Warren Felder, Coleridge Tillman, and Andrew Wansel Mac Huff Hal-Leonard SSA 2021-2022 Piano
Seal Lullaby, The Rudyard Kipling, Eric Whitacre SSA 2013-14 a cappella
Sehia: rak (from Indian Singing, pt.IV) Ron Jeffers, from a Mohawk poem Gail Trembley Earthsongs Music Publishing 2007-08 native hand drums
Set Me As a Seal Claussen, Rene Claussen, Rene SSAA 2001-02 a cappella
Shadowlands Lebo & Zimmer Lebo & Zimmer SSAA 2002-03 bass, drum, electric keys, piano
Shadowlight SheWho SSAA 2004-05
Shadows on the Rock 2001-02 4-27-02 concert
She Laura Mvula and Steve Brown Andrea Ramsey Hal Leonard SSAA 2021-2022 Piano
She Carries it Along Gayuoni Iroquois folk song unknown one voice/round 1997-98 a cappella
She Loves You J. Lennon, P. McCartney Lori Tennenhouse 2010-11 electric guitar
Shenandoah trad. American Lycan, William SSAA 2002-03 a cappella
Shenandoah Traditional American Folk Song Kevin A. Memley Gentry Publications SSAA 2019-20
Shir Lashalom Rosenblum, Yair Moore, J. David Fresh Ayre Music SAA/duet 1998-99
Shut De Do Stonehill, Randy SSA 2002-03 a cappella
Sih’r Khalaq (Creative Magic) Papoulis SSAA 2014-15 piano, percussion
Sing Mitchell Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kevin Olusola, Martin Johnson, and Sam Hollander Wayne Grimmer Barbershop Harmony Society SSAA 2020-2021 a capella
Sing About It Moira Smiley Moira Smiley Moira Smiley SSAAA 2021-2022 body percussion
Sing Gently Eric Whitacre Eric Whitacre Hal-Leonard SSA 2021-2022 Piano
Sing the World Awake Moira Smiley Moira Smiley Moira Smiley Music Publishing, ASCAP SSAA 2023-2024 a cappella, optional body percussion
Sing, Sing, Sing Prima, Louie Brymer, Mark SSAA 2014-15 Lady Oak- piano, drum bass
Sing, Wearing the Sky Jake Runestad Jake Runestad Jake Runestad Music SSAA 2019-20
Violin, Piano and Percussion
Singkap Siaga Tracy Wong Tracy Wong Graphite SSAA 2023-2024 body percussion
Sister My Sister Sue Johnson 2009-10 solo
Sisters (from To My Girls, No.2) Gwyneth Walker, words by Lucille Clifton
Sisters (My Girls, No. 3) (??) Walker, Gwyneth Porter, Diana SSAA 2002-03 a cappella
Sisters, You Keep Me Fighting Huntington, Patty Karamopov, Ronnie SSAA 2001-03 a cappella
Six African Songs trad. African Stasack, Jennifer SSAA 1998-99 piano
Sky Dances Brown, Roy SATB 2003-04 a cappella
Sleep Whitacre, Eric Arterton, Jon; Rachel Alexander SSA 1996-97
Somagwaza 1996-97
Something Inside So Strong Siffre, Labi Moore, J. David Shawnee Press SSAA 2001-02 a cappella
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Harry Burleigh SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Song For Sarajevo Judy Collins Audrey Snyder Universal Music Corp and The Wildflowers Co SSA 2023-2024 Piano
Stand in That River Moira Smiley SSAA 2014-15 string band
Starting Now JJocelyn Hagen, text by Joyce Sidman SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Still I Rise Rosephayne Powell 2013-14
Stove, The Munn, Zae Larsen, Libby SSAA 2003-04
string quartet
Study War No More trad . American 2007-08
Sugue Herryman Rodriguez, Ivette 2015-16
Sulle Mulle Ritsing Near and Wood SSAA 2000-01 a cappella
Summer Day, The Larsen, Libby 2010-11
Summertime George Gershwin Mark Hayes 2009-10
Sun Won’t Stop Near, Holly and Wood, Steve Morgan, Thomas 2002-03
Suo Gan Traditional Welsh Donald Patriquin SSAA 2000-01 cello, piano
Taivas En Sininen trad. Finnish Shaw, Kirby SSAA 2004-05 bass, drum, piano
Take Five Desmond Snyder 2007-08
Tango to Evora Loreena McKennitt Cangiano, Liliana SSA/solo 1996-98
Tatkovina Greg Jasperse, Macedonian “Homeland” 2009-10 solo
Te Quiero Favero, Alberto Moore, J. David SSAA 1996-97 piano
Testimony Ferron 2013-14 cello
The Beauty of Your Dreams Joan Szymko Santa Barbara Music Publishing, INC SSAA 2023-2024 Piano
The Nearness of You Hoagy Carmichael, Kirby Shaw ssaa 2012-13 Lady Oak
The Peace of Wild Things Joan Szymko (Poem by Wendell Berry) Joan Szymko Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc SSAA 2022-2023 Piano
The Story Phil Hanseroth David Maddux Southern Oracle Music SSA 2023-2024 Piano
The Valley Jane Silberry Beth Hanson SSAA 2018-19 Piano
The Women Gather Carol Maillard Moore, J. David 2010-11 percussion
There is Sweet Music Daniel E. Gawthorp, lyrics Alfred Lord Tennyson Alfred Music Publishing Co, Inc SSAA 2023-2024 a cappella
There Will Be Rest Kevin Memley
There Will Come Soft Rains poem by Sara Teasdale Kevin Membley SSAA 2017-18 oboe
There’s Hope India Arie Aleah Long SSAA 1997-98 a cappella
This Ancient Love Carolyn McDade 1999-00
This Little Light of Mine trad. Gospel Treble Clef Press SSAA 2000-01 a cappella
This Morning Walker, Gwyneth Szymko, Joan SSAA 2002-03 cello, piano
This We Know Szymko, Joan Deke Sharon 2011-12 electric guitar, bass, djembe
Threads of Joy Tim Brent and Amanda Quist Amanda Quist Walton Music SSAA 2019-20 a cappella
Thulele Mama Ya Zulu, Lisa Young 2009-10 solo
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman Neaum 2002-03 a cappella, small ensemble
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman Deke Sharon 2011-12 solo, guitar, bass, djembe
Tiree Love Song Sinclair, Alexander
To Sit and Dream Rosephayne Powell, lyrics Langston Hughes Hal-Leonard SSAA 2023-2024 Piano
Travelin’ Home Inspired by Sacred Harp Tunes Andrea Ramsey SSAA 2017-18 Violin
Tree of Song Bob Chilcott SSAA 2017-18 a cappella
Tres Cantos Nativos Marcos Leite, text Trad Krao Indian Earthsongs Music Publishing SSAA 2003-04 djembe, shakers
Tres Cantos Nativos dos Indios Krao traditional native Krao Marcus Leite 2012-13 percussion
True Colors Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly 2009-10 solo, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, bass
True Colors Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly Tim Brent Hal-Leonard SSA 2020-2021 Piano
Truth Andrea Ramsey MusicSpoke SSA 2019-20 percussion
Tundra Charles Silvestri Ola Gjeilo Walton Music SSAA 2012-13
Piano, optional string quartet
Turn Around Alan Greene, Malvina Reynolds and Harry Belafonte Ronald Staheli SSAA 2018-19 Harp, Flute, Bassoon
Two Strings But One Voice  Stroope, poem by Rilke SSAA 2014-15 piano
Tzena, Tzena Music by Issachar Miron, English lyrics by Gordon Jenkins (adapt. Pete Seeger), Hebrew lyrics by Yehiel Haggiz, Arabic lyrics by Salman Natour J. David Moore 1999-00
Umma Momote Simms, Patsy Ford SAB 2004-05 drum, piano
Unity Lisa Young 2012-13 percussion
Up the Crane Tower Chen YI Chen Yi SSAA 2004-05
Uraren Besotik (Basque) Eva Ugalde, words by Josune Lopez 2010-11
Uskudar Turkish folk Sletto, Barbara SSA 2004-05 clarinet, piano
Vecheryei Rado Bulgarian folk song Koutev, Philip 1998-99 a cappella
Vem Kan Segla trad. Swedish Mark Webb 2011-12 small ensemble
Vivamos Con Esperanza (Let’s Live with Hope) Lisa Young and Matilda Robertson Lisa Young and Ben Robertson SSAA 2018-19 drums
Voice on the Wind Sarah Quartel Sarah Quartel Oxford University Press SSAA 2022-2023 Hand Drum
Voice, The 2008-09 5-9-09 concert
Wade in the Watah trad. Negro Spiritual Barnwell, Ysaye M. 2003-04 a cappella
Walk My Own Revolution Sue Johnson SSAA 2017-18 a cappella
Wanting Memories Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwell, Ysaye SSAA 1999-00
a cappella
Warrior Kim Baryluk Natasha Blackwood Cypress Choral Music SSA 2021-2022 a cappella
Watane Sirett, Mark Sirett, Mark 2006-07 a cappella
Water Eric Lane Barnes ssaa 2013-14 dialoog
Water Fountain Nathaniel Brenner and Merrill Garbus Kristopher Fulton Naytonix Media and Garbus the Owl/ Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing SATB 2022-2023 percussion and electric bass
Water is Wide SSAA 2002-03 piano
We Are… Lessons Barnwell, Ysaye M. Barnwell, Ysaye M. SSAA/solo 1997-98 a cappella
We Shall Be Known MaMuse MaMuse SAA 2023-2024 a cappella
What a Wonderful World George David Weiss, Bob Theile Audrey Snyder ssaa 2013-14 soloist
What Happens When a Woman? Alexandra Olsavsky Artemisia Artemisia SSA 2020-2021 body percussion
What Have You Done to Lift Somebody Up Paul Thorn Steve Milroy 2012-13
what i want Pat Lowther, Steven Smith 2012-13
What I Want Stephen Smith, poem by Pat Lowther Rhythmic Trident SSAA 2021-2022 Piano
What We Do – Now Joan Szymko, text by Ellen Hagan Joan Szymko SSA 2021-2022 Piano, Eb Sax, drumkit
Where I Live, A Breast Cancer Oratorio Diane Benjamin 2001-02 October concert
Where The Light Begins Susan LaBarr, poem by Jan Richardson Walton Music SSA 2022-2023 Piano
Where Your Barefoot Walks David Childs, Text by Rumi SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Why a Caged Bird Sings Rollo Dilworth, poem by Maya Angelou Hal-Leonard SSA 2020-2021 Piano
Wild Embers Melissa Dunphy, lyrics Nikita Gill Mormolyke Press SSAA 2023-2024 a cappella
Will the Circle Be Unbroken trad. Appalachian J. D. Moore SSAA 2003-04 a cappella
Will There Really Be a Morning Johnson, Craig Hella Alliance SA 2014-15 piano
Winnebago David Maddux David Maddux SSAA 2018-19 Piano
Winters Night, The Nicholas Meyers SSAA 2014-15
Witches Trio, The Larsen, Libby Larsen, Libby SSAA 2002-03 a cappella, small ensemble
With My Own Two Hands Ben Harper J. David Moore 2011-12 percussion
Without A Song Vincent Youmans 2011-12
Wood River Kaldor, Connie Zwozdesky, Willi SSAA 1996-97
cello, piano
Would You Harbor Me? Barnwell 2007-08
Ya Faraoule Trad. Lebanese/Egyptian Hatfield, Steven Boosey & Hawkes SSAA 2006-07
clarinet, piano, frame drum
Yerushalayim Shel Zahav Shemer, Naomi Meisels, I.R. SSAA/solo 1997-98 a cappella
Yo Le Canto Todo el Dia Brunner, David Brunner, David Boosey & Hawkes SSAA 2000-01 piano
Yo Le Canto Todo el Dia Brunner, David Brunner, David Boosey & Hawkes SSAA 2000-01 piano
You Will Be Found Benj Pasek and Justin Paul Mac Huff SSAA 2018-19 Piano