Board of Directors

Kristin Bauer (she/her)

Board Chair, Soprano 1, Section Leader, Lady Oak Singer

GRWC member since 2008; board member since 2010. Legal Assistant/Paralegal at Varnum Law. Special education teacher/teacher consultant – GR Public Schools (retired)

Monica Brothers (she/her)

Secretary Team, Soprano 1

Senior Environmental Quality Analyst, State of Michigan, EGLE. GRWC member since 2015. Loves traveling, cooking/baking, music, nature/hiking, and her pup Rufus T. Dog.

Cheryl Beatty (she/her)

Board Treasurer, Alto 1

Veterinarian at Capital Area Humane Society, Lansing, MI.
A founding board member, continuously serving since 1997.

Liz DeBraber (she/her)

Soprano 1, Lady Oak Singer

GRWC member since 2000. Board member since 2019. General Manager of Conscious Clothing, Seamstress, Silk Artist, Costume Maker.

Erika Thomas (she/her)

Secretary Team, GRWC U There Team Lead, Alto 2

Psychotherapist. Mom. Lover of people, dogs, the outdoors, live music, game nights, equity and social justice. Probably running late.

Beth Hodyna-Jenkins (she/her)

Soprano 2, Section Leader

MSW, State of Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services, Dept. Analyst for Early On

Leslie Liuzzo (she/her)

Alto 1, Section Leader

GRWC Grant Writing Team, Bookseller, Volunteer Facilitator-Ele’s Place West Michigan, Yogi, Fiber Artist

Alexa Rumohr (they/them)

Alto 2

Sales Development Representative at BenchPrep, Alive Ensemble Vocal Lead at St. Gerard Church

Sarah Oberle (she/her)

Soprano I

GRWC member since 2016.
Human Resources at Clark Retirement Community

Kendal Kurzeja (she/her)

Soprano 1

GRWC member since 2018; board member since 2022. Lead Client Service Representative at CSNIP.

Maria Kamenos (she/her)

Alto 1

Maria has been part of the chorus since 2019, and is a relative newcomer to the Grand Rapids area.

Carol Smith (she/her)

Board Vice Chair, Alto 2

Registered Nurse at Spectrum Health (retired). GRWC member since 2017.